East New York Health Week Sept 2 – Sept 7 #StayHealthyENY Campaign

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East New York Health Week begins Tuesday September 3, 2019 and ends Saturday September 7, 2019.  East New York Health Week is a collaboration between JIG Media, Healthy NYC, New York for Seniors and EastNewYork.com.

“The idea behind East New York Health Week is to help East New York and Brownsville residents really think about staying healthy”, stated Vernon Jones, Sr., CEO of JIG Media.”East New York and Brownsville are loaded with fast food restaurants, which are among the leading causes of obesity and heart failure in communities like East New York and Brownsville. I grew up in Brownsville and East New York, so these neighborhoods are special to me. This week will bring attention and awareness to students, parents and grandparents, about the importance of staying healthy.”

The week will end with the HealthyNYC Expo, which is being held Saturday September 7, 2019 at the Brooklyn Sports Club, in East New York. The event will include healthy food samples, health resource information, a healthcare panel discussion, free dance class for students (by Purelements), zumba, introduction to Tai-Chi, live jazz, a section dedicated to seniors, and more. Former East New York District Leader, Nikki Lucas, will be the moderator for the healthcare panel discussion.

Jones added “we are happy to have a ton of companies partnering with us this week at our HealthyNYC Expo. The largest health insurers in the U.S., United Healthcare and Anthem, are two of our partners. Although they are the largest insurers nationally, they understand the needs of the local communities in New York City. We work with them on a hyper-local level to bring resources and educational information to neighborhoods throughout New York City. They are with us in the Bronx, Harlem, East New York, Brownsville, Queens, and beyond. They are true supporters of the local residents of New York City and we appreciate their support.”

Other partners for East New York Health Week include ShopRite, HelloFresh, Zwanger-Pesiri, Cooperative Home Care, Citiwide Mobile Testing (Allergy Testing), CareCube, RiseBoro, New York Life, Elderplan, VNSNY, Vegan Outreach, ClearCaptions, Calvary Hospital, and over 30 others.

“We will be posting content on our digital media platforms all week, to inform and educate people of ways to stay healthy, in regards to eating, exercising and health care”, stated Wayne E. Jordan, Director NYC Newswire. “Information is the key to staying healthy, and we have the platforms to distribute the information to the exact people who need the information the most.”

You will be able to find healthy living information daily on EastNewYork.com, and HealthyNYC.com. For social media look for #StayHealthyENY.

It is free to participate in the HealthyNYC Expo as an attendee. Register here.

To become a partner or vendor of the HealthyNYC Expo Call 718-285-9351 or inquire here.

For media inquiries contact Wayne Jordan at wayne@jig.media















































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